Origin, message and representation

Cavallini wishes to spread a special message for every woman out there: love, tradition, craftsmanship, passion, elegance and quality

Our factory has been making and finishing some of the most precious shoes for luxury brands all over the world, since 1964 Through the years, our brand has become one of the pillars of female italian made footwear, with constant commitment in craftsmanship and the use of high quality fabricsand materials

Una azienda in continuo cambiamento, che segue il passo e l’evoluzione della donna nei decenni, partendo da una piccola realtà di provincia, sino ad arrivare nello scorrere delle generazioni, a vedere il proprio prodotto sfilare sulle più importati passerelle di moda a New York, Parigi e Milano per i più importanti marchi di riferimento mondiale.

Our company is costantly changing and reinventing itself, following women’s wishes through the years. It all started in a small provincial town, till we got to have our products walk the most important runways in New York, Paris and Milan, for international luxury brands. In times, Ambra Cavallini managed to express women’s voice through shoes always matching their interests and needs with the latest fashion trends, so they could keep being their most modern and determined versions of themselves.

Keeping it up with our women

since 1964

The power of family and the passion for everything the brand represents helped our company overcome all sorts of economic, creative and managing crisis, resulting in a stronger and solid international reality, ready to face and keep up with anything.
Evolution is the key to always take our brand to the next level, making it a company based on concrete principles, feelingsand the passion for craftmanship. That’s how Cavallini was made, a brand that offers traditional luxury products made from scratch.